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Patients spend 15-30 minutes filling out forms on average which adds wasted time for both the patient and you.

By allowing your patients to fill out medical forms online before their appointment you free up valuable time for both your staff and the patient ensuring a better experience for your patients and a more efficient process for your staff.


Adding HIPAA compliant web forms to your website is simple. You or your web designer create the forms on your own site using a popular form builder such as Caldera no differently than you would build a simple contact form. Once your form is built you simply designate it as “HIPAA COMPLIANT” and we take over from there adding the HIPAA compliant badge, privacy agreement and signature field.

Unlike most other similar solutions your forms are created and hosted on your own site, your patients are NOT taken to another website to complete the forms which can be confusing for your patients.


We completely take over the form submission process for forms you designate as “HIPAA COMPLIANT” encrypting the sensitive form information and submitting it through our API system which then stores the data in our HIPAA compliant storage solution.

Your staff with the appropriate login credentials and user roles are able to log into the administrator dashboard of your website to view the submitted forms. Through our simple and easy to use interface they’ll be able to find forms by patient name, phone number or email address and to view the form information right from the dashboard. Even though you’re able to view the forms from your own website that information never actually leaves our secure system ensuring that you remain compliant with HIPAA regulations regardless of how your website is built or who it is hosted with.

The only time your patient’s sensitive private form data leaves our system is if you generate a PDF version of the form and print or save it. Even then the PDF file is encrypted and password protected helping you remain in compliance even after the data is saved to your computers.

While we believe encrypting and password protecting the PDF file allows you to be in compliance with HIPAA regulartions once the file is saved to your computer we STRONGLY recommend only storing the PDF on an encrypted hard drive.

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The HIPAA FORMS Service and WordPress plugin is developed and supported by “Code Monkeys” in the United States (Baldwin, Wisconsin to be exact).

Phone support is available from 9am to 5pm CST Monday through Friday at 715.941.1040 and you can rest assured that the person that answers the phone is located here in our Baldwin, WI office.

If you purchase a subscription to the HIPAA FORMS Service and install the integrated WordPress plugin you will also have the ability to submit and track support tickets directly from your WordPress admin interface.

You can also contact us through our online contact form.