Down Time This Afternoon

We experienced some off and on server down time this afternoon from about 1pm and 2pm CST. We run our services on AWS.  Issue unknown, AWS informed is at 2:40pm that our services were back up. Thank you for your patience!

Ed PaulsenOctober, 29 2019

Patient Testimonials And HIPAA

Patient testimonials and reviews can help convey a level of trust to potential new patients and many digital marketing professionals highly recommend displaying testimonials on your website. BUT HOW DOES HIPAA APPLY TO PATIENT TESTIMONIALS? In 2012 a physical therapy provider in Los Angeles was found to have impermissibly disclosed numerous individuals’ protected health information […]

Ed PaulsenMarch, 27 2019

HIPAA Compliant Websites

What exactly IS a HIPAA COMPLIANT WEBSITE and do you even need one? By the way HIPAA stands for HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT so it’s spelled “HIPAA”, not “HIPPA”. If you’ve been spelling it wrong don’t worry, we still type it wrong ourselves sometimes. The term “HIPAA compliant website” is a little ambiguous. […]

Ed PaulsenNovember, 27 2018

Healthcare Innovation Despite HIPAA

I recently read an article on by Alex Moazed titled “HIPAA is Stifling Innovation. Here’s How to Change It.” that I found interesting. Alex made several points in the article that goes to the heart of why we developed the HIPAA Web Forms API & WordPress plugin which include: HIPAA Creates Higher Fees HIPAA Prevents Marketplace […]

Ed PaulsenSeptember, 20 2018