HIPAA Compliant Websites

What exactly IS a HIPAA COMPLIANT WEBSITE and do you even need one? By the way HIPAA stands for HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT so it’s spelled “HIPAA”, not “HIPPA”. If you’ve been spelling it wrong don’t worry, we still type it wrong ourselves sometimes. The term “HIPAA compliant website” is a little ambiguous. […]

Spencer FraiseNovember, 27 2018

New Notes Feature Released!

We’re excited to announce that we just released version 1.9.1 which now gives standard subscribers the ability to add notes to submitted forms! This has been a highly requested feature & should help many of you with multiple doctors & staff working with forms together. We initially intended to release this feature in V2.0 but […]

Spencer FraiseOctober, 5 2018

Free Basic HIPAA Forms Released!

We’ve made some changes to the HIPAA Forms API and WordPress plugin this week that we hope will make things a little easier on new users just wanting to test out the service as well as for smaller startup companies that only expect a few form submissions per month starting out. Before this week we […]

Spencer FraiseSeptember, 25 2018

Healthcare Innovation Despite HIPAA

I recently read an article on by Alex Moazed titled “HIPAA is Stifling Innovation. Here’s How to Change It.” that I found interesting. Alex made several points in the article that goes to the heart of why we developed the HIPAA Web Forms API & WordPress plugin which include: HIPAA Creates Higher Fees HIPAA Prevents Marketplace […]

Spencer FraiseSeptember, 20 2018

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